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played an important role in organizing opposition to Governor Schwarzenegger’s plan to alter the tax codes in California. The Governor wanted to give tax breaks to big corporations and the wealthy while placing a greater burden on those least able to pay more. The Governor's hand-selected COTCE Commission called for a regressive flat-tax approach to taxes, and other gimmicks that would reduce the state's ability to fund necessary services and plan for the future.

The Governor hoped to frame the debate to advantage the most advantaged.

With Renew California helping to organize and coordinate the opposition, we were successful in seeing that this report and its recommendations were discredited and rejected by leading economic scholars and fiscal experts.

Renew California, with other progressive and reform-minded organizations, pre-empted this effort. We defined the measure using values language calling for fairness, investment in the future and a tax system that asks those with the most to pay their fair share.


Pragmatic and Progressive
Building a powerful statewide movement that will keep California solidly progressive and restore California’s role in leading the nation and inventing the future.

The Institute plays a vital role in researching and developing effective and relevant public policy in response to the coordinated attacks from right-wing think-tanks. We are building the movement needed for California to regain its role as the place that invents the future.

We move public opinion to support leaders who offer policy solutions that work, and help California progressives become proactive instead of reactive.

Standing Up - Moving Forward
Right now, conservative extremists are defining the discussion. How can that be, when voters in California gave progressives the largest margin of victory in any state and progressives hold 60% of the state’s legislative seats and most of the seven state Constitutional offices?
It happens because the right-wing controls the message and the message is controlling the policy. It isn’t supposed to be like that. Progressives should control the message. We are here to fill that need.

Renew California recognizes the importance of reaching out to communities of color and religious groups that share values of social and environmental justice, fairness and opportunity.

Renew California has developed a collaboration with a broad-base of Progressive Faith Based organizations to expand the scope of influence into communities that are often left out of the discussion. Together we are expanding the ability to frame issues and messages and extend them to larger communities throughout the state.


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Renew California
We are uniquely positioned to bring together social service providers, unions, thinkers, the religious community and political leaders to assure creater coherence in messaging the varied but unified narrative necessary to beat back the thirty years of right-wing think tanks and their accompanying message machines.