Our Mission
The mission of Renew California (formerly the Institute for the Renewal of the California Dream) is to build a powerful statewide change-based movement through research, education and message development to restore California’s role of leading the nation and inventing the future.

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Who We Are
The founders of Renew California (RC) are among the most forward-thinking and effective current and former State Senators and Assemblymembers as well as noted academic and progressive leaders.

The Challenges and the Goal
Californians want and are entitled to a government we can trust; excellence in our schools; clean air, quality health care, safe streets and a positive vision of the future.

With our progressive values controlling the issues and the debate, we can influence public policy and achieve the fairness, equality and opportunities that are key to a bright future.

Instead of playing defense to the efforts to undermine those principles and opportunities, we are organizing to fight for them. We are building a “progressive infrastructure” to “get ahead” of the issues and shape public opinion to respond positively to progressive values.

Achieving Our Goals
The Institute identifies key values and develops effective messaging and communication strategies to ensure that quality government and people-oriented policies direct the future of our state.

We reach out to the public to create understanding and appreciation of progressive policies, including open access to the courts; effective regulation of business, consumer, worker and environmental protections; successful strong public education and higher education; and the other essential services that create a well-functioning and prosperous society.

We develop the progressive brand and create the call for progressive policies and vision. Then, and only then, can we inspire our leaders to move forward with the courage and confidence necessary to renew the California Dream.

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To Contact Us
Renew California
1127 11th Street
Suite 206
Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone: (916) 204-6669
E-mail: info@renewca.org